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The Convenience of Mobile Deposit

By now, you’ve probably heard of the phenomenon of mobile banking, if you don’t already use it on a daily basis. While it has only been around a number of years, 12 million people were utilizing mobile banking services in 2009 and had a projected reach of 45 million by 2014. And why not? With our banking information and services right at our fingertips, mobile banking allows us to manage our finances on the go, no matter where you are or time of day, and that kind of convenience is admirable to many.

With Mobile check deposits now offered, this is most useful on those super hectic days by allowing people to deposit checks via their smartphone or tablet, right to their bank account, pending their financial institution offers the service or provides an app.

The process is simple — use your mobile camera to take a picture of the front and back of your check. The check image is captured and, with a few clicks, you can deposit it automatically (and safely) into your account. No trips to the bank, no waiting in line -mobile check deposit even eliminates the once-simple ATM deposit (in which driving a car up to the machine was still necessary).

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