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Beware of Telephone Scams

At Avidia Bank, we are committed to making your banking secure and protecting you from fraudsters, who would like nothing more than to steal your identity.

Steps you can take to protect yourself

Here are some measures you can take to protect your accounts and identity:

  • Monitor your accounts regularly for any suspicious or unauthorized transactions.
  • Set account alerts in Mobile and Online Banking* to notify you about transactions made to your account.  Card Controls, our latest feature we have added to our Mobile Banking App can make this really easy. 
  • Change your account passwords often and make sure they are difficult to discern. We recommend a phrase or a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters.
  • Do not write your passwords down where others can see them.
  • Ensure you install and update your virus and spam protection software.
  • Do not use public networks to bank online.

Every so often we hear of customers receiving calls that are asking about their personal information.  Please be aware that Avidia Bank will never contact you and ask you to provide personal information over the phone or via email.

If you receive a phone call such as this, please refrain from providing any personal information and call us at 1-800-508-2265. 

*Text and data rates may apply.