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Honest to Goodness – Mortgage Lenders

Those dating sites seem to get all the attention. But there’s another type of matchmaking that’s happening around us – mortgage matchmaking — as glitzy banner ads on the Internet promise to help you find the right lender and the lowest rate.  But there’s a lot more to finding the right lender than just a pretty webface and low rate. There are, for example, 5 important qualities you should absolutely require in a lender:


  1. A lender that puts you first. There are a lot of lenders that will try to sell you a mortgage for more than you need. A good lender should be looking out for your best interest and would never try to sell you a mortgage that’s uncomfortable for your budget. Homeownership isn’t for everyone and a good lender will tell you if doesn’t make sense for you.
  2. A lender that will stand by you. Will your lender be there for you after you close on your loan? Try to select a lender that offers local servicing. So if you have a question and need assistance after you close on your loan, you can call them and not some mortgage company far away.
  3. A lender that’s built local relationships. There’s a great benefit to choosing a local lender – they are members of your community. That means they have relationships with local realtors, builders, and attorneys, which can make the mortgage process easier for you.
  4. A lender that won’t overcharge you. Some lenders try to lure you in with lower rates, only to offer higher fees. A good lender will be upfront with the costs and will explain costs to you and answer any questions you have.
  5. A lender that cares about your community.  A community lender knows that homeownership makes our local communities stronger and will be dedicated to making it possible for you.

It just so happens that Avidia Bank has all these qualifications (What are the chances of that?).  So if you’d like to talk to us about your needs, give us a call. As a selfless, loyal, connected, honest, and community-focused local lender, we’re right here to help.