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More Features. More Convenience. Same Great Location – Your Hands.


Introducing the new Avidia Mobile Banking app

Let’s face it, life isn’t always easy to control.  But at Avidia, we believe your financial life should be. That’s why we recently introduced the new Avidia Banking Mobile app. Sure, it’s got a fresh new look and feel, but it’s so much more than just a pretty (inter)face. It’s actually a pretty cool and convenient way to put more of your money where it belongs – in your hands.

The features you love … and then some.

The existing Avidia Mobile app offers a lot of features that make managing your money secure, easy, and convenient:  Face ID and Touch ID, the ability to pay your credit card and people, card controls. All of that is still here.  But what’s also here is a new and innovative for you to access those features plus new features to help you take control of your financial life today – and in the future.

Just ask Todd Wood, Avidia’s assistant vice president of Digital Strategy.

“The app is a brand-new update that gives us the flexibility to add enhancements that we couldn’t add before,” he shares. “It’s part of our strategy to one day give our customers the power to manage all of their finances from their mobile devices if they choose.”

The new app already offers two great features:

Savvy Credit: Information and tools to help you manage credit.

You know the drill – having good credit is essential to reaching your goals and saving money. The new app now offers a smart feature to help you take charge of your credit – Savvy Credit. It gives you the power to review and refresh your credit score* every 24 hours – without impacting your score as inquiries do. You’ll also get a free credit report every month and personalized analysis and explanations of the components that impact your score.  And, if you want to improve your credit by consolidating debt or refinancing your mortgage, the app gives you easy access to loan applications. Sa-weet!

But wait … there’s more.

These two new features are just the start. According to Todd, more features are coming soon in 2021, including digital receipts. With this new feature, you can receive your receipts electronically and then attach them to transactions in your mobile app, making it easy to manage warrantees and returns. You can set up personalized digital receipt email addresses, giving you the ability to store and organize receipts.

“I shop at Best Buy a lot,” confesses Todd. “This would allow me to keep all my receipts from Best Buy in one place.”

More good news …

This spring, Avidia will also roll out digital cards for Android and Samsung devices, allowing you to make touchless payments – right from your device. It’s already available on Apple devices, providing an easy and touchless way to shop.

The future of banking is in good hands – yours.

Download the new Avidia mobile banking app today.

You have the right to a free credit report from or 877-322-8228, the only authorized source under federal law.  Take me to the authorized source.